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Who can you meet?

FemTech & Consumer Innovation Summit
June 2025
Hilton Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

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  • Femtech and Startups

    At the center of our summit, we are committed to bringing together emerging companies in femtech and women’s consumer health. Our summit helps your company’s growth and development by connecting you with the right strategic partners for investment, funding, and partnership opportunities, and will help you overcome specific pain points and challenges through our specially curated program, made up of knowledge-sharing discussions and private networking forums.

  • Pharma

    Playing a pinnacle role in steering the direction of women’s health landscape, our summit will provide your pharmaceutical company with access to the latest innovation-to-date, expanding partnership opportunities and elevating your presence as a leader in femtech and women’s consumer health.

  • Investors

    Imperative for funding the next wave of femtech and consumer health innovation, our summit will amplify your presence as a champion of women’s health, connect you with the right startup, address specific challenges faced by portfolio companies during tailored knowledge-sharing discussions, and connect you with other investors during our private investor forum.

  • Industry Support

    Armed with the necessary knowledge to help a number of stakeholders overcome specific challenges, our summit puts you in contact with the relevant people during our dedicated networking time.


    As leading manufacturers and distributors of femtech and women’s consumer health products, our summit will provide you with insights into the latest trends through our discussions and workshops, connect you with the newest innovation and help you overcome industry challenges to optimize outcomes.

  • Retailers

    At the forefront of providing the end consumer with the latest innovation in women’s health and femtech, our summit will keep your company up to date with the latest trends, put you in touch with emerging innovation and connect you to industry experts that will enhance your industry presence.

  • Big Tech

    As digital tech takes off in women’s consumer health, our summit provides a platform for tech companies interested in exploring the space through our indepth program and time dedicated for connecting and networking with industry peers.

  • Supply and Manufacturing

    At the very origins of the ecosystem, our summit will provide your company with access to the latest trends and innovation and connect you with strategic partners, investors, and startups during our dedicated networking hours.

  • Marketing & Advertising agencies

    Critical to the success of femtech and women’s consumer health brand, our summit will connect your marketing and advertising company with target clients through our networking hours and help you to better understand the key pain points faced by each stakeholder group in the industry.